Saturday, July 19, 2008

Creek Party!

Irene and Bud had the 2nd annual creek party at their house, and everyone had a great time! They live on Christiana Creek, and it's a perfect spot for kids of all ages to play & explore. Bud & Irene have lived there since the 50's, and 4 generations of Kidders and their friends and extended families have enjoyed the creek. (actually, there are 5 generations that have enjoyed the creek, because Bud & Irenes Dads' both used to fish there!) The day started with a wonderful dinner catered by Essenhaus, and then the fun began! The kids played in the water, floated, and searched for buried treasure in the sand pile. Thanks Gram Irene & Grampa Bud for such a fun time! Click here to see more photos of a very special day...

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