Monday, March 24, 2008


I've been looking at several blogs in the last few days and alot of them feature babies, toddlers, families..and believe me, we will have plenty of posts of our family, kids, & grandkids, but we just have to post Buddy! He's brought us alot of love, companionship and fun just when we seemed to need it the most! Everyone in the family loves him, especially all of the grandkids. He's always willing to play, play, play! Here is a quote that is so true:
"The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog." -George Graham Vest
Click here for some sweet pics of Buddy.

Voyageurs National Park 2006

This is going to be a "blast from the past" from our vacation with the Moyers in 2006. It was a trip of a lifetime, and Rick & Betsy planned the whole thing. We just tagged along! We drove to Crane Lake Minnesota, and then boarded a houseboat, loaded our kayaks on top, and towed our pontoon boat. We toured Crane lake, Sand Pt. Lake, Namakan Lake and Kabetogama Lake for 7 days. It was beautiful. We saw Bald Eagles every day, fished, kayaked, soaked up the sun, played trivia on the radio every night with other house-boaters in the area, and just had so much fun. The scenery was wild, and the sunsets breathtaking. We had Canada on one side and the US on the other. This is near the boundary waters that are so famous for canoist and kayakers. We would love to make another trip and rent a cabin for a home base, and explore with the pontoon and kayaks again. To see some amazing photos, click here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kayaking the Pine River

Tuff and I love to kayak. Our friends the Moyers love to kayak also. We have made many trips down the Pine and the Pere Marquette, but my favorite is the Pine River. Here are some photos of an Autumn trip we made with Rick, Betsy, Megan & Courtney. (yes, the girls got locked out of their car, so they had to work on that before we got started!) It was a LONG but beautiful day on the river. The only person to get wet was Tuff, and luckily he is always prepared and had a change of clothing with him! BRRR That water was really cold that day! I will probably do LOTS of posts of kayaking, so I'm sure you'll see more of our adventures on the Pine in the future!
Click here to see our photos.
Here is a great link to the Pine River.

Kidders Cabin

Kidders Cabin came to us in 1996, and has become a special place where all of our friends and family meet to relax, fish, kayak 2 of Michigans National Scenic Rivers, the Pine, and the Pere Marquette, ride the trails, explore, mushroom hunt and so much more! We have 12 years of memories here, and 12 years of photos to post! We have great memories of wonderful friends that we have lost, Leo Haggard and Jim Vest, who fished with us many, many times. And also Madeline Leers, who rode over 80 miles of trails with us in one cold snowy weekend, and loved every minute of it! We will always have stories to tell around the campfire of the fun times we have had with them. To see photos of our fun times at Kidders Cabin, click here!

More Snow!

When we heard on Thursday that we were going to get more snow I couldn't believe it! So far this winter we have had 77" of snow, with our average being 70.5".

It's supposed to get down in the teens tonight, so this snow will insulate any spring bulbs that may be coming up. At any rate, I'm sure it won't be around for long!

Click here for a great weather radar page that we look at daily.