Monday, March 24, 2008

Voyageurs National Park 2006

This is going to be a "blast from the past" from our vacation with the Moyers in 2006. It was a trip of a lifetime, and Rick & Betsy planned the whole thing. We just tagged along! We drove to Crane Lake Minnesota, and then boarded a houseboat, loaded our kayaks on top, and towed our pontoon boat. We toured Crane lake, Sand Pt. Lake, Namakan Lake and Kabetogama Lake for 7 days. It was beautiful. We saw Bald Eagles every day, fished, kayaked, soaked up the sun, played trivia on the radio every night with other house-boaters in the area, and just had so much fun. The scenery was wild, and the sunsets breathtaking. We had Canada on one side and the US on the other. This is near the boundary waters that are so famous for canoist and kayakers. We would love to make another trip and rent a cabin for a home base, and explore with the pontoon and kayaks again. To see some amazing photos, click here.

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