Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sledding at Dr. Lawless Park!

Since warm weather was in the forecast Tuff wanted to plan a sledding/picnic day at Dr. Lawless Park. During the month of February they normally turn the outside flood lights on the sledding hill and are open late. They also have a wonderful pavilion with a huge stone fireplace with fire-wood provided! It's a great place to sled all day, and have a nice fire & warm food. So, Tuff did all the prep work, made the chili, loaded up the truck with sleds, food, grill, crock-pots, hot cocoa, and lots more!
The snow melted faster than anticipated, and there was a pond at the bottom of the hill, but even with the thin layer of snow the kids had no problems getting the sleds to move pretty darn fast! The park cancelled the lights due to the lack of snow, but we all stayed anyway and told scary stories in front of the fire. Kesse, Lauren, Drew, Elizabeth, Madison and Morgan had a great time, as did all of the adults. Here are some photos of the day. Thanks to Tuff for planning such a fun time!


Tuff headed up to the cabin after Pete called and said there was too much snow on the roof!
This has been a record year for snow, and our neighbor Pete said he hasn't seen this much snow at Wolf Lake for 25 years. Tuff headed up on a Wednesday and stayed until Saturday. He had to snow-blow all around the cabin first just to make a path to walk around it. He then used a snow-rake to pull the snow off. One of our other neighbors brought him an electric snow-blower to use on the roof, and that worked much better for him. It was just Tuff and Buddy on this trip, but we are planning on heading up late February or early March for about a week just to relax and maybe do some ice-fishing or 4-wheeling. Here are some of the snowy cabin photos!