Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kayaking Christiana Creek

We recently went kayaking on Christiana Creek with Rick, Betsy, Megan, Courtney, Chris & Brooke. We put in at Redfield road in Michigan & got out at Vic & Perrys house in Elkhart. This trip took us about 4.5 hours, a nice leisurely float. The creek is very clean and a good fishing creek. Tuff & Rick grew up on the creek, and used to spend hours upon hours in it. It's nice to be able to still get on it & have a great landing place at Vic & Perrys. Perry had a wonderful lunch of fresh pizza, salad, breadsticks & cold drinks waiting for us, thanks Perry! We had such fun that we decided to make the run again a few days later. This last trip was just Tuff & Alys & Rick & Betsy. Tuff & Rick had all of their fishing gear this time, and some anchors rigged on their kayaks to make fishing a little easier. It gets a little swift on the creek in a few spots and it's hard to stop and fish without one. They both caught many really nice bass, smallmouth and largemouth. I even caught a pretty nice smallmouth, it was a blast! This trip took us about 7 hours with all of the stops for fishing, but it was such a perfect day just to float & relax. Hopefully we will be able to get to the Pine River before summer is out. Click here for some photos of our adventures on Christiana Creek. We also have some fun video of the day, click for video 1, video 2, video 3 & video 4. This is some of our first attempts at videoing while kayaking, and it gets a little tricky, so you'll have to forgive some of our upside-down/sideways/turned around views.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flower Power

Here is our wildflower field. This is our 2nd growing season, and the 3rd year since preparing the soil. Tuff and I attended a seminar put on by the Michiana Master Gardeners featuring Neil Dibol, and were immediately inspired. The first year we cleared the ground in the spring & summer, then broadcast spread the wildflower seed in the fall. We were really amazed at the results last spring & summer, and again this year. It seems like each season brings new color and a different variety of flowers and grasses. Click here to go to Neil Dibols Prairie Nursery website.
Click here for more photos of our Wildflower field.


As you saw in our earlier post, we are experimenting with raised garden beds this year, in addition to the more traditional style of gardening. We have discovered that we love the raised beds! There are many benefits, such as non-compacted soil, and planting, weeding & harvesting from a sitting position is much easier on your back. The raised beds are 2x12x16 long. We still have the tilled area for pumpkins, watermelon, squash, etc. And, in addition to that the 75 (15 different varieties) of tomato plants that Bud started for us in his greenhouse. So, now you know where to come & get your tomatos!! Click here to see our gardens.

Creek Party!

Irene and Bud had the 2nd annual creek party at their house, and everyone had a great time! They live on Christiana Creek, and it's a perfect spot for kids of all ages to play & explore. Bud & Irene have lived there since the 50's, and 4 generations of Kidders and their friends and extended families have enjoyed the creek. (actually, there are 5 generations that have enjoyed the creek, because Bud & Irenes Dads' both used to fish there!) The day started with a wonderful dinner catered by Essenhaus, and then the fun began! The kids played in the water, floated, and searched for buried treasure in the sand pile. Thanks Gram Irene & Grampa Bud for such a fun time! Click here to see more photos of a very special day...