Friday, June 27, 2008


Our Grand-Daughter Grace spent the night with us a few weeks ago. We had so much fun with her! She had wonderful adventures with Papa Tuff picking strawberries (and eating them) and exploring the wildflower field, playing with Buddy, and playing in the sink...that was one of her most fun things to do. She also LOVES to swing! She discovered she could do it all by herself, and kept saying she was a "Big girl".
Click here to see more photos of Grace!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kesse & Brittany at Kidders Cabin

Alys, Tuff, Kesse, Brittany, and the Moyers, Betsy, Rick & Megan all spent 5 relaxing days at Kidders Cabin. We had a few cool days, but most of the time the weather was wonderful. (the tubing photos look warm, but it was a chilly 56 degrees that day! the girls just had to go!) We had a ton of fun kayaking, fishing, and sitting around the campfire. Click here for some fun photos!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chuck Krause

Update: Our friend Chuck passed away this fall. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Chris, and his family. We will miss having him stop by the cabin, but his spirit and memory will always be with us.
Original post:
We received sad news this morning from Chuck Beurmann, Pete & Rachels son, that our friend Chuck Krause, who lives near Wolf Lake and is the local wood carver, had a terrible accident while cutting a tree down on May 19th. Apparently a tree that he had cut down rolled onto him, breaking his back, hand, and causing other injuries. The outlook is not good. He will most likely be paralyzed from the neck down. The best case scenario will be if he can recover the use of his arms. He is being cared for at Grand Rapids hospital, on the 4th floor, heart center. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chuck and his family. We will post updates as to how he is doing. Chuck Krause became a friend of ours many years ago, and always enjoys stopping in at the cabin and showing us his latest wood carvings, and sitting around the campfire talking. He is especially proud of his kids and grandkids accomplishments. The last time we visited with him was just a day or two before his accident, and we gave him a section of the Elkhart Truth newspaper from last summer that we had been saving for him. It had featured an article about his son and grandson in the cherry spitting contest. They are world champions! Chuck was also a champion cherry spitter. We did not know that he had been injured the last time we were at the cabin, and had driven by his house, only to see that he was not at home. Click here for some of Chucks wood carving pictures that he is so proud of. Beautiful work, Chuck.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Twin Fawns

While we were at the cabin Megan and her fiance Dustin came for a visit. Megan has been coming to the cabin since she was 10 years old, and wanted to show Dustin around. So after a tour of the cabin and checking out Wolf Lake, we all got on the golf cart and drove down the road to our 10 acres. This is a nice wooded area where Tuff loves to deer hunt. While we were driving around the trails, we noticed that Buddy wasn't with us anymore. Tuff blew his whistle (which always brings Buddy running) but this time, Buddy was nowhere to be found. We drove around the trails again, and Tuff spotted him over by a downed pine tree. After investigating, we found out why: Buddy had found twin newborn fawns, and wanted to show us. When Tuff went over there Buddy was licking one of the fawns on the head. The fawns were beautiful. We didn't have our camera with us, but went back to the cabin to get it and rushed right back. The fawns had moved, but Buddy was able to sniff them out again. We took a few photos and left them alone. It's awesome to see so much wildlife thriving in the area.
Click here to see the fawns.