Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pete's 'Shroom spot

Tuff and I were at Kidders cabin recently, and our friends Pete and Rachel Beurmann, who live full time at Wolf Lake, decided to give up a very special morel mushroom hunting area, and took us to a very beautiful federal forest where the elusive morels grow. Of course you have to know how to identify an ash tree. Pete helped us out there, too. We had a nice 25 minute ride to the woods and had breakfast at Garlets corner.
The growing conditions have not been good at all, with the dry and cool weather we have had. Still, you hold out hope that you will find enough for dinner! Pete was the first to find one, and after that we all found a few. I think we only found about 30 total, greys and yellows, and they were nice sized! We all had enough for dinner, and had so much fun finding them, and really enjoyed out time spent with Pete & Rachel. You can be sure that we will be back at this special woods, but don't expect to find directions or a map on this blog! We mushroom hunters are pretty secretive about our hunting grounds!
Click here for some great 'shroomin pictures.

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